The Billionaire’s Kitten: A Fake Marriage Romance

By | 06/16/2017

He bought me along with a hotel.
When I took a job at The Milano, it was out of desperation.
My waitress outfit was so tiny it barely covered my curves.
But the tips started rolling in, so I let out a sigh of relief.
Until Grayson Channing.
Mr. Channing owns the hotel. He’s a billionaire with everything.
And what the billionaire wants, he gets.
Because Gray needs a fake wife.
To cut a business deal, he needs a curvy, innocent girl on his arm to parade around.
But this marriage is fake.
It’s not real.
It’s an illusion, nothing more.
But now when Mr. Channing says, “Here Kitty, Kitty, come to Daddy …”
Guess who comes crawling?

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    Would you the Billionaire’s Kitten?

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    Five SMUTTY PERFECT Stars!

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