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Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Cat Food Variety Pack – 12 cans, 3 Flavors (Salmon, Ocean Fish & Tuna, and Tuna)

Our natural and delicious BLUE feline entrée selection is better than ever! Now the most popular cuts and flavors that cats crave are available in our new and improved BLUE Healthy Gourmet line. They’re all made with the finest natural ingredients and have an irresistible taste. Includes 12 3oz cans. Product Features Includes 12 cans… Read More »

Solid Gold Five Oceans Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Variety Pack – 4 Flavors (SeaBream & Tuna, Shrimp & Tuna, Mackerel & Tuna, and Sardine & Tuna) – 3 oz Each (12 Total Cans)

A holistic food with natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids your cat is sure to go crazy over! Grain and gluten free, this wet cat food is crafted with a carefully balanced combination of ingredients served in a gravy your cat will love. Solid Gold wet cat food is a nutritionally complete and balanced… Read More »

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food 10 Flavors Variety Pack

HIGHEST QUALITY PROTEIN SOURCES › We ensure nutrient digestibility through our Digestool® confirmation studies – less nutrients in the stool, means more nutrients stay in the body. COMPLETE & BALANCED NUTRITION › Cranberries and Blueberries are packed with antioxidant phyto-nutrients that help maintain proper urinary tract health. › Vegetables such as Sweet Potatoes and Carrots… Read More »

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Variety Pack Cat Food – 4 Flavors (Salmon, Duck, Turkey, and Chicken) – 12 (3 Ounce) Cans – 3 of Each Flavor

Your cat will love this Wilderness Grain-Free Cat Food Variety Pack. Inspired by the diet of the lynx, BLUE Wilderness Recipes are high-protein food that will provide your cat with a higher concentration of the real MEAT she loves. NO chicken or poultry byproduct meals, artificial preservatives, corn, wheat or soy. Fortified with vitamins and… Read More »

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Pate Canned Cat Food Variety Pack – 7 Flavors (Chicken, Duck, Tuna, Turkey, Salmon, Beef, and Surf + Turf) – 3 Ounces Each (14 Total Cans – 2 of Each Flavor)

This Merrick Purrfect Bistro Pate 7 Flavor Variety Pack offers your cat a delicious assortment of full-flavored gourmet cuisine! This variety pack includes: – (2) Beef Pate – (2) Turkey Pate – (2) Salmon Pate – (2) Duck Pate – (2) Chicken Pate – (2) Tuna Pate – (2) Surf + Turf Each Can is… Read More »

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Variety Pack – 8 Different Flavors – 3 Ounces Each (8 Total Pouches)

Hydration is extremely important to a cat’s overall health. Since cats do not have a strong thirst drive, it is important for a cat to ingest water with his or her food. Wellness Healthy Indulgence wet cat recipes are a delicious and healthy way to increase your cat’s moisture intake. This 4 pack variety bundle… Read More »