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BLUE Freedom Mature Pate Indoor Grain Free Chicken Wet Cat Food 5.5-oz (Pack of 24)

Some cats just don’t do well with grain-based foods. That’s why we created BLUE Freedom canned food for indoor cats. BLUE Freedom contains no grains so it has no glutens, which have been known to trigger allergic reactions in some cats. BLUE Freedom Grain-Free Chicken Recipe for indoor mature cats is made with the finest… Read More »

BLUE Healthy Gourmet Adult Pate Ocean Fish & Tuna Wet Cat Food 5.5-oz (Pack of 24)

Cats love to dine on our natural holistic cat food and it provides essential amino acids and vital nutrients they need every day. Wholesome whole grains: hearty whole grains like brown rice, barley and oats will keep your cat supplied with the complex carbohydrates needed for energy. Healthy garden veggies and fruit: whole carrots, sweet… Read More »