Easyology Pets KittyStick Cat Toy – Best For Playful Interactive FUN – 100% Percent Pet Friendly Kitten Toy with Feather Teaser

By | 05/20/2017

Activate your kitty’s natural instincts with this feathered toy. Safer than a laser and just as fun, this fishing-inspired toy offers hours of fun and healthy exercise for your furry friend.

Cat lovers know that a bored cat causes trouble. He or she will scratch at your furniture or make off with pens, keys and other items. Your kitty has probably even raced through the house in the middle of the night – much to your frustration.

Keeping kitty entertained will not only help him or her stay young and healthy, but by channeling all that energy with acceptable diversions, he or she will be a better-behaved pet, too. This feathered toss toy is the perfect choice for both exercise and fun.

With a flick of the wrist, you’ll send the brilliant feathered “lure” soaring the length of the room, capturing kitty’s attention and activating her natural drive. Cats will happily chase and capture their “prey” – if you’re not quick enough to reel it back in for another toss. It’s great fun for cats, kittens, grown-ups and kids alike.

Brilliant-colored feathers
Cloth storage bag
Padded comfort handle
Telescoping wand
Durable fishing line
Makes a great gift for cat lovers.

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Product Features

  • ✅ 5 STAR AMAZON REVIEWS (Over 500): Amazon users have spoken and they LOVE the KittyStick. What do they like? Watching their kitty soar through the air and having the time of their life!
  • ✅ NEW AND IMPROVED: Longer lasting and more durable than before. What fun is a fishing line toy if it breaks after one hefty pounce? This ultra-strong line provides nearly endless fun & won’t snap or tangle like some other toys. Simulate “bird-like” flight with the telescoping extendable design. What cat could resist that?
  • ✅ EYE-CATCHING COLORS: Your Kitty won’t be able to keep her eyes off the brilliant feathers. She’ll spend hours chasing and pouncing with every toss. NEW- KittyStick Refill Packs Available On Amazon
  • ✅ CONVENIENT STORAGE POUCH: When play time is done, your cat toy stores out of sight in the included bag so your cat won’t stash it under the sofa when you’re not looking.
  • ✅ REFILL PACKS NOW AVAILABLE: In Multiple FUN Colors! Check them out on Amazon!

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