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Kitten Print Knee High Length Socks CAT Tail Tattoo Tights Pantyhose Stockings,send random

Kitten Print Knee High Length Socks CAT Tail Tattoo Tights Pantyhose Stockings.

Product Features

  • Material: Velvet
  • Regular size: fits general size S/M
  • Fitting range: height 150~165cm; hips girth 85~98cm (or 33.5″~38.5″
  • Latest new design lovely cat tights
  • Kitten Print Knee High Length Socks CAT Tail Tattoo Tights Pantyhose Stockings.

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Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door

Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door, White

An essential tool for homes with pets, the Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Through Pet Gate is a convenient, chew-proof way to contain and protect both your pet and home. Made of steel, the safety gate is designed with a pressure-mount system for easy installation and is ideal for extra-wide openings. This portable gate includes two extensions, giving you the option of covering openings in your house ranging from 29 to 44 inches. The walk-through design features a one-touch release handle so you can easily pass through even while carrying things. A 10-by-7-inch pet door lets small animals pass through while everyone else stays put.

Walk-Through Pet Gate that is Extra-Wide
At a Glance:
  • 100 percent steel construction
  • Fits opening between 29 and 44 inches wide
  • 30 inches high with walk-through design
  • Handle includes one-touch release safety lock
  • Pressure-mounting system for easy installation
  • Ideal for: Cats and small dogs (lower gate), or medium to large-sized dogs (main gateCarlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate Product Shot
The gate’s lower door allows small pets to pass freely, while keeping larger pets contained. View larger.

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate Product Shot

The lever-style handle features a one-touch release safety lock for easy adult operation. View larger.

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate Product Shot

Four individually adjustable pressure mounts provide a stable, secure fit.
View larger.
Sturdy Steel Construction with Secure Pressure Mounts

This Carlson pet gate boasts 100 percent steel construction for durability and strength, keeping your pet safely confined within your house. The gate installs quickly with four pressure mounts that are individually adjustable to provide a stable, secure fit.

Convenient Walk-Through Design

The gate features a convenient design that allows adults to walk through with a simple lift of the lever-style handle that includes a safety-locking feature. The motion requires only one hand, making it easy to operate while carrying items or holding back an eager pet. Prevent your pets from wandering into areas in your house where they can make a mess or get hurt.

A little door on the bottom opens to allow small pets, such as cats or petite dogs, pass through the gate while keeping larger pets where you want them.

Expandable for Custom Fit in Doorways and Staircases

With 4-inch and 6-inch extension kits, this gate is able to fit openings between 29 and 44 inches wide, in increments. The sturdy gate is ideal for doorways and hall openings, and when used with the four included wall cups, it can be installed at the top of stairs. It stands 30 inches high, preventing pets from easily jumping over.

About Carlson

Carlson makes it easy to keep your home safe and comfortable for all the members of your family. The company has designed a comprehensive line of gates, crates, play yards and pet beds designed specifically for your pet, with all-steel construction, lead-free and nontoxic materials, and chew-proof durability. Instead of repurposing baby gates, Carlson has created a solution that suits all breeds and all lifestyles.

What’s in the Box

Pet gate, four threaded spindle rods, four adjustable hand wheels, four wall cups, four screws, 6-inch extension, 4-inch extension, and instruction manual.

Product Features

  • Lets small pets pass through, while keeping everyone else out
  • Sturdy lead-free, non-toxic, chewproof all-steel construction
  • Easy 1-touch release handle
  • Quick, easy setup
  • Includes 2 extensions to expand gate to 44 inches

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Perfect Pet Tubby Kat Cat Door with 4 Way Lock And LEXAN Flap Amazon Image

KONG Cat Cozie Kickeroo Catnip Toy Assorted

The KONG Cozie cat toys are constructed of ultra-soft plush fabric that cats love to tackle and cuddle. The KONG Cozie Kickeroo is designed with an ultra-soft plush fabric to make it a great active toy and comfort toy all in one. The Cozie Kickeroo appeals to a cat’s instinctive desire to capture prey. The Kickeroo’s size, shape and material were specially chosen to promote wrestling and hind paw k icking. Th e fl uffy tail provides movement for extra excitement, plus a generous amount of KONG’s potent North American catnip has been added to further encourage play. Your cat will love you for it!

Product Features

  • Premium North American catnip
  • Crinkly sound
  • Cuddly fabric
  • Perfect for both active play and as a comfort toy
  • Your cat will love you for it!

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Some good pet toys

Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer Interactive Cat Toy Seat Pets Pink Cat Car Seat Toy Cats Meow Yellow Undercover Fabric Moving Mouse Cat Play Cat’s Toy As Seen on Tv Seeds and Things Catgrass (Sweet Oats for Cats) 1,000 Seeds Bulk Amazon Image

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Purina Pro Plan Dry Adult Cat Food, Weight Management Formula, 16-Pound Bag

Designed for overweight or less active adult cats, Pro Plan Weight Management Formula is made with real chicken for excellent palatability. It is specially formulated to bolster your cat’s key protective systems – the immune system, digestive system and skin & coat system – while it meets your cat’s nutritional needs and makes losing weight easier.

From the way they leap so high in the air and always land with ease–to the way they sit on the windowsill and carefully study the world outside–our cats possess beautiful, distinctive traits that we truly admire.

That’s why we want to do more to make the most of our cat’s unique world. And why Pro Plan® has created a complete line of formulas designed to not only give cats outstanding nutrition, but also offer them a variety of flavors and forms to enjoy. Helping you do more to give your cat the long, beautiful life she deserves.

Pro Plan® Dry Cat Food Formulas are made with at least 40% protein, plus nutritional extras including real chicken, turkey, or salmon as the #1 ingredient. These foods are available in a variety of formulas based on life stage and lifestyle to help meet your cat’s unique needs.

</tablenutrition and taste, in a variety of formulas to help meet your pet’s unique needs based on life stage, lifestyle and breed size.

Pro Plan® Weight Management Formula for Adult Cats Supports:
Healthy Heart High-quality protein along with essential vitamins help support strong muscles, including a healthy heart.
Strong Immune System Complete nutrition with antioxidants and high levels of quality protein to help nourish the immune system.
Healthy Digestive System Natural prebiotic fiber sourced from chicory root.
Optimal Nutrient Absorption Highly digestible formula so cats receive optimal nutrition from food with less going to waste.
Radiant Skin and Coat Omega fatty acids and high-quality protein help support healthy skin and a lustrous coat.
Healthy Vision Formulated with vitamin A and taurine for bright, healthy eyes and good vision.
Exceptional Flavor With high-quality ingredients, beginning with real chicken as the #1 ingredient, plus no added artificial colors or flavors.
About Pro Plan® from Purina®
Passionate pet owners strive to do more for their dogs and cats in any way they can. That’s why Pro Plan® has created a complete line of dog and cat food made with high-quality ingredients for outstanding nutrition and taste, in a variety of formulas to help meet your pet’s unique needs based on life stage, lifestyle, and breed size.

Product Features

  • One 16-pound bag of Pro Plan® Weight Management Formula dry food for adult cats
  • Made with real chicken as #1 ingredient
  • OptiHealth® with natural prebiotic fiber to help promote digestive health
  • High protein nutrition helps maintain ideal body weight
  • Rich in omega fatty acids for healthy skin and radiant coat

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Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent

Protect your garden, plants or sandbox without chemicals or fences. When cats come within range, the CatStop automatic outdoor cat deterrent emits a sudden burst of ultrasonic sound (at a frequency most humans can’t hear)–the sound startles cats, and teaches them to stay away. Installation is easy–just place the CatStop in the garden or outdoor area that you want to protect, and it’s ready to go.

CatStop automatic outdoor cat deterrent

Click here for a larger image.

The CatStop automatic outdoor cat deterrent is constructed of durable, weather-resistant materials, and has been designed to provide many years of reliable service.

CatStop automatic outdoor cat deterrent

How It Works

The CatStop is easy to use. Simply install a 9-volt battery and then place the unit in your garden, with an unobstructed view of the area you want to protect. There are no controls or adjustments. The built-in motion sensor detects any cats entering the area and emits a piercing, high-decibel alarm that startles the cat and frightens it away. Since the sound is ultrasonic, you and your neighbors cannot hear it.

The CatStop is an effective cat deterrent for several reasons:

  • A powerful burst of ultrasonic sound startles the cat.
  • The cat equates the location with the unpleasant occurrence.
  • The cat avoids the location in the future.
  • Ulike pest deterrents that operate continuously, the CatStop unit waits for the animal to come into its range before activating, making the function unpredictable for the cat, and therefore more effective.


  • Infrared sensing angle: 80 degrees.
  • Detection range: up to 20 feet (6 meters).
  • Battery life: In low traffic areas 3-4 months. In high traffic areas, CatStop adapter is recommended.
  • Sensor warm-up time: 60 seconds.
  • Power supply: 9-volt alkaline battery or 9-Volt AC adapter (available for purchase separately).
  • Red LED: indicates when the unit is activated.
  • Unit on time when activated: three seconds.
  • Output frequency: sweeping from 21-25 KHZ.
  • Water resistant
  • Includes two stakes for versatile mounting (ground level, approximately 4″ above ground and 10 inches above ground).

Product Features

  • Outdoor cat deterrent withmotion-activated burst of ultrasonic sound
  • Protects your garden, plants or sandbox without chemicals or fences
  • Cats are startled by sound (at a frequency most humans can’t hear) and teaches them to stay away
  • Monitors up to 280 square feet (26 square meters)
  • Operates for up to 6 months on a single 9-volt battery.The 9-Volt AC adapter is sold separately

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SparkleUps – Kittens

Sparkle up your world with SparkleUps. Create jewel by number stickers to decorate your school supplies, locker, bathroom mirror, or anything else! Includes 2 sticker sheets with 8 repositional stickers and 600+ colorful sparkling jewels. Educational and fun!

Product Features

  • Create jewel by number stickers!
  • Stick ’em anywhere!
  • 2 sticker sheets with 8 repositional stickers
  • 600+ colorful sparkling jewels
  • Educational and fun!

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Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

Cat Dancer is the original interactive cat toy. Spring steel wire and rolled cardboard create an irresistible lure for cats and great fun for cat lovers. Home-tested by over 8 million cats.

Product Features

  • The original interactive cat toy from Cat Dancer
  • Spring steel wire and rolled cardboard
  • Irresistible lure for cat
  • Great fun for cat lovers
  • Home-tested by over 8 million cats

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KONG Laser Toy Cat Toy

The new Laser Toy from KONG helps facilitate interactive play sessions that help strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Simply point the bright laser at a floor or wall and let your cat chase and attempt to capture its elusive prey.

Product Features

  • Interactive toy
  • fun for cats to chase
  • Strengthens the bond between you and your cat
  • Bright laser
  • Includes (3) AG13 button cell batteries
  • Measures approximately 2.5-Inch in length

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Castor & Pollux Organix Adult Dry Cat Food, 14.5 Pound Bag

Twenty years ago, Brian Connolly and Shelley Gunton saw an opportunity to make high quality, healthy food for dogs and cats. As pet parents, they understood how people truly consider their dogs and cats to be members of their family-and are always seeking better quality products for their pets. That was the beginning of Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks. We assembled a team of experts in animal nutrition, organic and natural ingredients, processing, packaging, distribution, veterinary medicine, and technology. Our goal was to provide pet parents with healthy, safe, and innovative choices for their dogs and cats. Launching in 2000, Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks was the first branded, premium quality line of natural specialty food and supplies for pets. But we’re not satisfied yet. As long as there are dogs and cats in the world, we’ll be constantly looking for new ways to make their lives better through wholesome, organic and natural nutrition. And no one does natural like we do.

Product Features

  • Organic, free-range chicken with organic peas, organic brown rice and salmon meal
  • Provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and Omega fatty acids
  • Taurine for heart and eye health, Organic Flaxseed for skin and coat health, and fiber for intestinal health
  • Contains no artificial colors or preservatives, and no corn, wheat or soy
  • Product of the USA

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SmartyKat CrackleChute Collapsible Tunnel Cat Toy

Satisfy your cat’s need for Independence. Your cat will love exploring the mysterious tunnel that crackles with each step. The opening mid-way down the tunnel is perfect for hide-and-seek or playing chase with other cats. Lightweight and collapsible, the CrackleChute is portable and stores away easily when playtime is over.

Product Features

  • Seemingly endless tunnel cat toy crackles curiously with every step
  • Cats can’t resist crawling inside the mysterious interior
  • Pops out and retracts easily for portable fun and easy storage
  • The expanded tunnel measures 9.5″ diameter x 35″ long
  • Tunnel retracts to approximately 2″ deep for easy storage
  • Cats can’t resist crawling inside mysterious interior
  • It pops up/retracts easily, offering portable, lightweight fun anytime
  • Measures 2-inch length by 10-inch width by 11-1/2-inch height
  • Seemingly endless tunnel cat toy crackles curiously with every paw step

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Complete Kitten Care

“What baby expert Dr. Benjamin Spock did for people, kitten expert Amy Shojai has done for cats….Everything you need to know to begin a blissful life with your kitty.” -Ed Sayres, President, ASPCA The Whole Kitten Caboodle! This is it-the one book you need when you’re ready to add a new kitten to your household. The book offers a veritable “Kitten 101” packed with feline facts: • Choosing, training & communicating with your kitten • Pedigreed versus shelter kittens & their personalities • Introducing a kitten to other pets • Behavior, food & grooming considerations • Common medical concerns • Cat legends, myths, fun facts-plus kitten & cat resources AWARD-WINNING KITTEN CARE! CWA MUSE WINNER for BEST BOOK and BEST PHOTOS “Exhaustive book. Outstanding content that is streamlined and attractively laid out. A beautiful balance of text illustration and emotion. Excellent job.” WINNER, CWA PURINA Kitten Chow Kitten Award “…Very complete, addresses the most important aspects of kitten care. I especially liked the fact that Ms. Shojai addressed society’s penchant for the “disposable”-reminding people that acquiring a pet means “for life,” not just until the cuteness wears off.” -Pat Jacobberger, CFA Allbreed Judge AMY SHOJAI, CABC is a nationally known authority on pet care and behavior, and the award-winning author of nearly two-dozen nonfiction pet books including Complete Care for Your Aging Cat, Complete Care for Your Aging Dog and Pet Care-Cutting-Edge Medicine for Dogs and Cats.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Healthy Development Original Dry Cat Food, 7-Pound Bag

Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Healthy Development Original cat food gives your kitten precisely balanced nutrition to build immunity and digestive health. It is enriched with natural DHA from high quality fish oil and made with high quality ingredients that provide an ideal combination of nutrients, clinically proven antioxidants and vital fatty acids to give your kitten the best start in life.

It’s the recipe for a better life™

100% Precisely Balanced Nutrition

Hill’s® Science Diet® cat food provides key nutrients that are in amounts within an optimal range for your cat, and is precisely balanced for their nutritional needs. We develop products with the precise balance of 50 nutrients based on life stage, lifestyle, size or special care needs. We carefully avoid too little or too much of certain nutrients.

America’s Pet Nutrition Experts Since 1939

Balanced pet nutrition has been our passion for more than 70 years. Over 150 veterinarians and pet nutritionists are involved in the development of our products. We make every bag of our dry pet food with the highest quality natural ingredients. These ingredients must meet our strict requirements for purity and nutrient content, which exceed industry standards.

High-Quality Ingredients for a Happy, Healthy Life

The right nutrition can help a cat’s health, energy level and quality of life. Hill’s® Science Diet® cat food contains nutrient-rich, high-quality ingredients like chicken, whole grains, and multivitamins to create nutritionally balanced food. Every bag of Science Diet® provides key nutrients in amounts within an optimal range for your cat.

Feeding your kitten: How much and how often?

Feeding requirements vary greatly from one kitten to another and feeding the right amount of kitten food at the proper intervals can be a challenge. Start with the feeding guides on the food can or bag but that is just the beginning. Your kitten’s physical condition should be monitored regularly and the feeding amount adjusted as needed.

Discuss with your veterinarian how often your kitten should be evaluated and the best feeding method for your kitten:

  • Free Choice: Food is always available.
  • Time-Limited Feeding: Food is available for a limited amount of time.
  • Meal Feeding: A measured amount is available at scheduled times each day.

Choosing the right food for your kitten

All kittens need the basics – high quality kitten food, time to sleep and play, and lots of love – but kittens have individual needs too. Your kitten needs precise levels of essential nutrients to stay her healthiest throughout life. A ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition just won’t work. Improper feeding can increase your kitten’s risk of obesity, poor muscle and bone development, and poor immune response. She needs a kitten food to provide taurine and other nutrients for proper growth and development. These can be found in all Hill’s® Science Diet® Kitten foods

Hill’s Science Diet Healthy Development Original Recipe for Kittens

Chicken, Whole Grain Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal, Animal Fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid), Wheat Gluten, Chicken Liver Flavor, Dried Beet Pulp, Fish Oil, Lactic Acid, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, L-Lysine, Calcium Sulfate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Taurine, Choline Chloride, Iodized Salt, vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), Niacin Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement), minerals (Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), DL-Methionine, L-Tryptophan, Oat Fiber, Magnesium Oxide, Mixed Tocopherols added to retain freshness, Citric Acid added to retain freshness, Phosphoric Acid, Beta-Carotene, Rosemary Extract, Dried Apples, Dried Broccoli, Dried Carrots, Dried Cranberries, Dried Peas.

Product Features

  • Healthy Immune System
  • Supports Healthy Brain and Eye Development
  • Promotes Healthy Development of Vital Organs
  • Supports Gentle, Healthy Digestion
  • Supports Ideal Body Weight

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Kittens (An “I Love Reading” Cute Kittens Level 2 Book)

Kittens are just too cute! There’s nothing sweeter or more lovable than a soft, fluffy kitten! Find out how kittens eat, sleep, and play in this easy reader nonfiction book for children.

Bright, colorful photographs of kittens and bold text will keep young readers engaged.

By bestselling author Cindy Bracken (a former Kindergarten teacher and elementary librarian).

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